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About UC Browser | Full Information About UC Browser | UC Browser Download For PC

UC Browser is an internet browser created by the Chinese versatile Internet organization UCWeb, or, in other words, possessed by the Alibaba Group. As of August 2018, it is the third most prominent versatile program on the planet by a piece of the overall industry, after Google Chrome and Safari. Originally propelled in April 2004 as a J2ME-just application, it is accessible on various stages including Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows.

About UC Browser | Full Information About UC Browser | UC Browser Download For PC

About UC Browser | Full Information About UC Browser | UC Browser Download For PC

About UC Browser | Full Information About UC Browser | UC Browser Download For PC


The browser utilizes cloud speeding up and information pressure innovation. UC Browser's servers go about as an intermediary which packs and renders the information of website pages before sending it to clients. This procedure loads web content quicker. The browser can adjust to some system situations and support multi-record design downloading. Moreover, UC Browser has HTML5 web application and cloud matching up features. It has the component of "quick download" which builds the downloading speed utilizing a various string association download method.

UC Browser is accessible on a few smartphones and highlighted telephone stages, however, Android mobile working framework speaks to the biggest client base for the organization, with 300 million of its 500 million clients total.

UC+: HTML5, WebApp and additional items 

In July 2013, UCWeb declared the UC+ Open Platform. The stage comprises a web app store, an extra stage, and an Application Bookmark Platform. It can live with the dispatch of UC Browser v9.2 for Android.

Designers can utilize an SDK gave to make programs that can be approached in various utilization situations. Clients can download them from the browser's extra board to get a more customized web perusing knowledge, similar to the sharing to SNS, page interpretation, expanded reality, voice control, etc. The Application Bookmark Platform permits accomplice sites to set up a QR code on the UC Browser for clients to check the code and add the site page to their bookmarks. The UC WebApp Center was one of the first for mobile WebApps in China.

Download administration 

The browser underpins concurrent downloads and incorporates a download supervisor, including pages for disconnected perusing. It bolsters delay and resumes downloads. The new form of download administrator has enhanced features to tackle issues while downloading, such as a discontinuous web association and mislabeled files. The download procedure will proceed even after the application is shut and will likewise naturally continue if the download is hindered for some reason. The download supervisor consequently sorts downloaded documents as indicated by their sort and places them in the particular folders.

Information pressure 

Information pressure reduces information utilization while clients are perusing. Since 2006, UC Browser has been performing more pressure and rendering takes a shot at its servers, or, in other words, the task of a thin client. UC Browser is the main current browser lacking help for WOFF2 and Brotli compression.

Cloud framework 

UCWeb claims that the cloud framework utilized by the browser tends to get information from the nearest servers accessible, making the stacking procedure speedier and smoother for users.

Protection and security 


Research has discovered that UC Browser is unbound, and it has security issues. The UC Browser has numerous vulnerabilities. As indicated by Qualys SSL Lab test and High-Tech Bridge's SSL/TLS Security Report; Logjam, FREAK, and POODLE vulnerabilities are found in UC Browser.UC Browser utilizes an obsolete RC4 figure cryptography with obsolete SSL 3 or even SSL 2 convention which has numerous security blemishes.


In 2015 it was uncovered as a major aspect of the Snowden releases that UC Browser releases delicate IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN information, Android ID, MAC address and clients Geo-area and Wi-Fi related information with no encryption; which was utilized by knowledge organizations to track users. In May 2015, Citizen Lab distributed news about spilling of protection subtle elements of a few UC Browser clients. The association tried two variants of UC Browser, one in English and the other in Chinese. In May 2015, archives spilled by the National Security Agency (NSA) informant Edward Snowden uncovered that the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) had recognized UC Browsers as a security powerless point. It's across the board use in China, India, and Indonesia made it especially alluring to ASD. The archives uncovered that in participation with its Five Eyes accomplices, ASD hacked the UC Browser and contaminated smartphones with spyware. The ASD declined to remark in connection to the revelations.

In 2016, the Citizen Lab reported significant security and protection issues in the English dialect and Chinese dialect releases of the Android adaptation of UC Browser. The report censured the transmission of by and by identifiable data to different business examination apparatuses and the transmission of client look questions without encryption. They likewise figured out how to sidestep the encryption of UC Browser blaming them for utilizing non-viable encryption frameworks in transmitting actually identifiable supporter information, mobile gadget identifiers, and client geo-area data.

In May-June 2016, Alibaba bunch gave the Citizen Lab refreshed adaptations of UC Browser with the end goal to check their security fixes to these issues. The ensuing refresh distributed by the Citizen Lab demonstrated that not the majority of the already recognized information holes and protection ruptures had been settled in UC Browser.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) in India is right now examining this security rupture by Alibaba-possessed UC Browser. It has been affirmed that the second most utilized browser in India has been sending client information to Chinese servers and that it holds command over a client's gadget DNS even after the browser is deleted.

The issue, first featured through discoveries of the University of Toronto, is currently being investigated by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Hyderabad. It is completing a specialized examination concerning the charges made in the University of Toronto report which had guaranteed "a few noteworthy protection and security vulnerabilities that would truly uncover clients of UC Browser to reconnaissance and other security violations".


UC Browser is perfect with various working frameworks, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows and Windows Phone.


Android speaks to the biggest client base for the browser, with 300 million of its 500 million aggregate on Google's mobile OS. There are two variants of UC Browser accessible on the Google Play, including UC Browser for Android and UC Browser Mini for Android. It was once expelled from play store however following multi-week it returned.


UC Browser for iOS was first introduced in 2010. Presently, there are two variants of UC Browsers accessible on App Store, which are UC Browser+ for iPhone and UC Browser+ HD for iPad.

UC Browser relaunched its unique form in 2016, included its advertisements square capacity.

Most recent adaptation is 11.2.1.


UC Browser 7.0 is right now accessible for Windows.

Windows Phone 

UC Browser was discharged for Windows Phone in mid-2012, and it is presently the most downloaded outsider internet browser on that working system. Its prominent features incorporate Download, Incognito Browsing, and Wi-Fi Sharing.

Limitation system 

The organization declared its "Going Global" system in 2012. By giving distinctive adaptations to English, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese markets and that's only the tip of the iceberg, the organization would like to all the more likely serve its developing global client base. The organization is exploiting its very own server systems which empower the browser to convey tweaked substance to clients all around the globe. Other than the specialized issues, the organization alludes to nearby creators and specialists to suit neighborhood societies and tastes, as per CEO Yongfu Yu. The logo of UC Browser was updated in December 2012, from a charming toon squirrel to a more conceptual and adapted symbol that is more in accordance with American designs.

Environment organization 

UCWeb altered its browser for Vodafone's Indian clients in May 2013.

In May 2013, UCWeb reported an organization with Trend Micro. Under the understanding, the two organizations will work to give mobile web security evaluations in the browser.

In August 2013, UC Browser gave appropriation channels of organizations like AppURL Initiative.

In August 2013, with selective wholesalers, Gameloft authorized UCWeb to offer its products.


Market appropriation 

UC Browser professed to have achieved 500 million clients in March 2014, an ascent credited to its substantial client base in China, India, and Indonesia.

In October 2012, UC Browser topped Opera in Google Play's free Android application download classification in India for the primary time. According to an outsider web examination firm, StatCounter, UC Browser outperformed Opera as India's best mobile browser with 32.82 percent of the piece of the overall industry to Opera's 26.91 percent.

Google Zeitgeist 2013 demonstrated that the "Most Searched Mobile Apps" in India was overwhelmed by informing and perusing applications, with WhatsApp and UC Browser beating the rankings for the most hunts on mobile in 2013.

UC Browser had in excess of 100 Million month to month dynamic clients in 2016.


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